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A little more about our treats.....

All of our treats are made of Human Grade Ingredients...meaning yes, they are safe for people to eat.  However, keep in mind they are not as sweet, spicy or salty as human treats are. Plus, they are a lot crunchier! 

Because we developed the recipes for our treats if your dog can't have a curtain ingredient let us know....we can change the recipe for him/her!

What is Carob?  Carob is similar to chocolate, but will not harm your dog like chocolate will. It doesn't have the sweetness the chocolate does either. 

****If you would like to add more then one bag of a type of treat to your cart click on "Your Cart" at the top of the page, click on "View Cart" and change the "Quantity" then click "Update".****

Once you are ready to "Check Out" you will be redirected to PayPal.  If you do not have a Paypal account please call us at 330-931-0153 or email us at thepawprintkitchen@live.com and we will be happy to help you place your order.

Facebook Update
As some of you have noticed we are no longer on Facebook.  For unknown reasons Facebook has deactivated some accounts, including ours!  They will provide us with no explanations.  
Until we figure out our new Social Media avenue we will post updates here or email us at thepawprintkitchen@live.com or text us at 330-931-0153 and we will keep you updated!  
Thank you for your understanding!

You can find us on Instagram @ PAWPRINTKITCHEN

*** December 10, 2022 
is our cut off date for 
Holiday Orders this year! ***